It seemed like it would be where I want to take someone to torture them. Program is spread between 5-7 different hospitals to get numbers in. Post & Find Opportunities for Medical School Graduates No Fees. No livers. Did they mention the whole scandal from last year? was literally told " if you want to see transplants and crazy trauma, this isnt the place to go", assistant PD was kind of a hardass, we only talked to 2 residents and one of them left in the morning so we were with the chief the whole day who had nothing bad to say...., advanced slots only. Very minimal ICU call (once a week only on 1 out of the 2 rotations during the CA years). i interviewed but dont remember them mentioning moonlighting opportunities. sry idk for seattle cuz im not interested in leaving cali.. Not a huge single population, so most residents come married or with kids. Content may not be reused without direct written permission of copyright owner.