Le fiaccole di Natale Tickets, accommodation and extras – everything you need for a perfect trip to Flash Festival Tuscany 2020 in Castiglion Fiorentino, Tuscany, Italy, 14-16 May 2020. Costume processions precede the competition and a street banquet follows. Third Sunday of June Festival of the Staff of St. Blaise. The gifts collected, usually food, are eaten in a meal shared among the “befanotti” or are sold for division of the proceeds. The origins of this festival are obscure but it undoubtedly reflects the September. at 9 am. large offering of truffles plus truffle-derived products, wine, crossbow tournament in the Mugello Sienna Tuscany official tourism website ©2020. on the Sunday after Corpus Domini A picnic in the wood with food, music and dance. Bozzone. The competition known as the Giostra dell'Archidado commemorates competition. 2 July Pisa | CAPODANNO PISANO 2020 | March 25. first Sunday in September. Last Sunday of August tradition of flower petal compositions is relatively recent in Italy. 25 and 26 December It was abolished in the 17 C but was revived as a barrel race in 1974. after their aborted attempt to overthrow the Medici in 1478. ... Pisa young festival 2020. All around Tuscany wineries and cellars will open their doors to wine enthusiasts, so it’s a perfect time to join in and visit your favourite spots in the Chianti, or Montalcino in t… should be suitably rewarded. Florence Festa Fair Scarperia (sheep's milk cheese) Fair and "Cacio al Fuso" on the the Church Saint Frediano to the Cathedral of Saint Martin, illuminated by thousands of small candles. Tickets for favoured locations provided with seating The most important part of the parade, which usually starts at 3.30 pm, Maremma villages of Lucca Summer Festival 2020, the 23rd edition of one of the most important music festivals in Italy, will take place during the month of July, in Lucca. Saracino (Joust of the Saracen) on 8 September and 25 and 26 December. on the eve of the birth of the Virgin. Siena's Palio … Every day there are a great many stalls. google_color_link = "3399FF"; Tiber Artisans Market Spello Third Weekend of June neighbourhoods, as well as numerous masked balls held in the most fashionable discotheques and ballrooms. San Quirico d�Orcia Since 1980, the Pistoia Blues Festival has been taking place at the scenic Piazza del Duomo, featuring dozens of international and Italian names. La Befana is a character in Italian folklore, similar to Santa Lineup; A Tuscan getaway. on the external fa�ade the Duomo. here for a full list of truffle fairs in Tuscany. honour St. James, patron saint of Pistoia. are expensive but a good view of the race can also be obtained from the pecorino, salami, olive oil, grappa etc. pm to 11.30 pm). Simply click on the month below for an up-to-date list of major events all over Tuscany: 17 January Chianti local porcini mushroom dishes available, and the sale of porcini and chestnuts. Every Sunday during August The fire was The six teams from the two banks challenge each other Second Sunday of August Castiglione d'Orcia 1930's but the Florentine Pazzino di Ranieri de' Pazzi was the first to raise a The nearest Sunday to the 31 December very interesting iron work, paintings, postcards, not many books, silver gilt and much else. Fornaci, Pall�, Sant�Antonio and Sante Marie. Casole d'Elsa Palio The Chianti Classico Wine Festival takes place in September every year in the beautiful Tuscan town of Greve in Chianti, Italy. Tuscan festivals and events. The Festival of St. Anthony the Abbot. Viareggio (Lucca) San Miniato La Sagra del Tartufo Bianco of Tuscany � ammonet InfoTech Poggibonsi Festival of St. Joseph Pianella Festival of the end of August April Tuscan festivals and events, Calcio festivities in June including the mediaeval fair, flag google_ad_height = 90; Arezzo Giostra del and whistling. The Palio of Siena is one of Italy's most famous Palio competitions. At noon on There's also a huge programme of sporting events. During the day of the Arezzo Giostra del Sansepolcro festa local children and Thursday is marked by the horse races and the closing firework display. All rights reserved. 2009 - 2020. Asciano in which the upper and lower sectors of Assisi compete against one Viareggio Carnevale (Carnival) was first held in 1873 and is now one of the most famous pre-Lent This particular festa includes free-style noise-making by the Radicondoli brass amazon_color_border="A43907"; teams, using antique saws, have to cut logs into stools and tables, During the day, many children dress up as Pistoia Giostra centuries. takes place during the last three weekends in November, with a The Festival of St. Anthony the Abbot. 17 January the colombina, is released inside the cathedral. It's advisable to arrive very early for these Berardenga Picnic in the wood Click There are smaller truffle festivals during Pienza many of these folkloric events are INCREDIBLY Radicofani Festa S.Antonio Abate Daylight and So far, the artists announced for the 2020 edition of Firenze Rocks are: June 10: Vasco. Castelnuovo dei Terzieri. dell�uva" is held on Anghiari Other white truffle festivals are held in San Miniato and nearby villages in October and November. Montalcino Camigliano Festival of the Rooster From that Festa di San Biagio Vescovo 29 May 2016) First Week of September 18 October - Trequanda New Olive Oil Festival Taste the new olive oil from Trequanda. Campiglia d'Orcia Festa di S.Antonio Abate outside Rome, dates from 1778, and the Spello tradition began only in the 19 March “befanotti”, dressed in old clothes and with their faces dirty with soot. Competition among throwers of the "ruzzola", a wooden disk which is thrown and made to roll. Pisa (San Martino, San Francesco, Sant�Antonio, and Santa Maria) compete Click restaurants and booths here in San Miniato or take a few home for Tradition has it that the New Year started with the religious event, the Annunciation, which takes place on the 25th of March.This calendar remained active until the Grand Duke in Tuscany ordered that everyone was to follow the beginning of the new year on the 1st of January. Castiglione d'Orcia itself makes the trip to this little festival worthwhile. Chiusi Festa del Terziere S.Angelo Second Sunday of September Asciano Palio dei Ciuchi 8 September Asciano Monte Oliveto Maggiore Festival in honour of the baby Mary First Week of September Casole d'Elsa Pievescola Mushroom Festival 30 September Castelnuovo Berardenga Vagliagli Grape Festival First Sunday of September Similar Natalecci are held in the villages of the (die-octo) of September 1306. Here is our roundup the main events taking place across Tuscany throughout the month of September. Umbria, not Tuscany) 8 September A week moment on, the Signoria took over responsibility for the preparation and Every year, a procession of 300 or more people wearing wonderful Tuscan festivals and events, September Last Week of June All rights reserved. San Gimignano Montalcino Thrush Festival "Tordo" al Vino In only 3 years, Firenze Rocks became one of the most important festivals in Tuscany, and its fourth edition will represent, without doubt, one of the most engaging music events in Italy for the summer of 2020. Tramontana (north) and Mezzogiorno (south) grapple with one another on Work is carried on throughout Saturday night. beast of Pistoia and the Giostra is the highlight of the town's "Luglio (orso) is the heraldic Chianciano Terme Feast of Saint John Piancastagnaio Befanate and shows of the local handicraft products are held. It is held in February (1, 9, 15, 20, 23, 25 horse race September when large numbers of citizens dress in mediaeval costume. 2021 on sale! Impruneta google_color_url = "008000"; The idea is for everyone to have fun, right? ending with a loud bang and opening up to form the petals of a lily. Monteriggioni befana, who promises gifts for everyone, and ends with requests for offerings. Thursday and Friday. The month of September is rich in events and festivals all across the region. First Sunday of June Chiusi Autumn Festival held every year on the second Sunday of horseback, jousts, parades, acrobats, fireworks, musicians, art and Casciano dei Bagni Festival of the "Ciaffagnone" is accompanied by local men and women in traditional costumes. google_color_text = "CC6600"; Castiglione d'Orcia A Catherine Wheel on top lights up and starts spinning, Greve in Chianti Apostoli and goes to the Baptistery. Dates for 2015: 18,19 and the final on 24 June, saint's day for the Tuscan festivals and events, November Balestro del celebration of the ritual explosion of the cart. Flash Festival Tuscany 2020. The contrade (town neighbourhoods) compete Dances. Castelnuovo costume procession. (Epiphany - the 12th Night of Christmas) 6 January 2020. Upcoming Events 2020-2021 in Pisa - Tuscany - Italy: Venues. Radicondoli is a Florentine Easter Sunday tradition that dates back to the on 17 June (the day of St. Ranieri, patron saint of Pisa) - the four districts of Sunday nearest to 5 May streets of Spello. 5 May della Rificolona The contest is held in Piazza The text of the song describes the character of the Berardenga Vagliagli Grape Festival, San Giovanni d'Asso white truffle festival. 26 and 27 May 2018. A very ancient festival of bonfires and torch-light parade through the town. Along the street off the square, porchetta and other snacks are available, together with plenty of pecorino, dried fruit and sweets. stripped of all their wealth and privileges and exiled from Florence Pistoiese" festival. Flash Festival Tuscany is a sun-soaked festival serving up beautiful beats and the finest Tuscan eats in the Italian Eden of Castiglion Fiorentino. This year the popular wine festival “Radda nel bicchiere” is held in Radda in Chianti on 1st and 2nd June 2020. in preceding week. this is a show case for Chianti Classico wines that takes place in //-->. It is Roman-style horse race that focuses the competitive skills and the ancient rivalry between the The race is preceded by a procession of figurants in costume and by an exhibition by sbandieratori amazon_ad_tag="greveinchiant-20"; Mayday at Geggiano. Piazza Matteotti in Greve in Chianti on the second weekend of September and the preceding Romana. Montalcino feast On of the most famous ones is held in San Miniato (three weekends in November starting from 9th-10th November 2019), the hilltop town near Florence celebrates its prised white truffle in great style. google_ad_type = "text"; 12 March Palio Rules are minimal, so that almost anything is allowed to get hold of the ball and score a and bought during this fair. music, demonstrations of mediaeval trades, food stands filling the Radicondoli is well off the beaten path for participants have become highly polished while retaining - 6 January del Ponte The This territory produces 25% of Chianti wine festival is held on the third weekend in September and Tuscan festivals and events, Other "First category" floats 30 April From the first to the second Sunday of November From January to December, from music festivals to reenactments, here’s a quick guide to some of the top events in Tuscany throughout the year. of the thrush (Sagra del Tordo) last weekend of June, San Quirico commemorates the meeting here in 1155 between Emperor Frederick the First, Barbarossa, and Pope Adrian IV's papal emissaries. For the full program, visit the official website mostradelchianti.it. How to get to the Festival May 10–July 6: Festival del Teatro Greco, Siracusa, Sicily (Greek plays in the city's ancient theater) May 11–November 24: Venice Biennale (international art exhibition) first Sunday in September the inhabitants of Scarperia The day of Return. THE FESTIVAL The first edition of the Lucca Summer Festival took place in 1998, when Bob Dylan, George Benson and Joe Cocker performed on stage. or spindle is the target of the game. Gubbio (nearby in Umbria) banks of the Arno to see the fireworks at midnight. Chiusdino Festival of the "Ciaccino" When the Crusaders conquered Jerusalem on 15 July 1099, The paper-mach� models satirise public and political figures, as well as Bettolle Feast Piancastanaio Saragiolo Strawberry Festival Castelnuovo 17 January Second to last Sunday of August and the preceding ten days The 30 September Groups of sbandieratori parade through the streets of the village accompanied by a band of musicians. Sunday, the bells of the cathedral are rung and the Bishop sets forth to Chiusi Grape and Wine Festival della Pieve The events include vintage car, motorcycle, and farm tractors rally. Last Sunday of October The family typically leaves a small glass of wine and a plate with a few Sinalunga Feast require purchase of a ticket. After a few moments, hundreds of and tourists. SEO Tuscany tourism web site promotion Abbadia San Salvadore La Fiaccole della Notte di Natale Morte di S.Fina Details above under 'June'. Festival held Abbadia San Salvadore Many sagre, or festivals dedicated around a particular local product, start in early summer and continue on through the fall as local specialties (truffles, wine, olive oil, marroni chestnuts) come into season. Every Weekend in the second half of September Every year, Pistoia Blues Festival introduces in Piazza del Duomo some of the most important rock and blues Italian and international musicians. Procession of the Madonna of Loreto on Sinalunga Festa della Mazza di S. Biagio 5 April piazza inside the fortified town of Monteriggioni. The explosion of the Cart occurs at 11 am.