Received my Wave 1 shipment today! How 'bout now? Maybe I am the odd duck but anyone else feel like the Clan invasion should be pushed back since the game is not suppose to follow the canonical timeline. My delivery has been changed to Thursday, but that's actually better. As of this evening, it is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Used. Then they argue and bid among themselves for the right to attack by reducing the number of troops they feel they would need until someone concedes. Battletech Game Of Armored Combat & Clan Invasion Rulebook. 73. The "Crusader" Clan Wolf, viewed by other Clans as rightful heir to the Wolf Clan, was founded by Vlad Ward. And I'll be honest, I feel like we've failed somehow by not getting this thread to fifty pages before people started getting their stuff. I am hoping for the first few months of the invasion timeline that the random battles will sometimes contain developers piloting a star of clan mechs. 2019/07/08 16:39:14 Subject: BattleTech: Clan invasion coming to Kickstarter. Brand New. Twenty-five Galaxies from seven Clans. Alas poor Photobucket. Here is the Timber Wolf, point of Elementals, and the Archer from my Legendary Box. As such an unacceptable communications delay has arisen which could spark a renewed Clan invasion. Other (393). Is it here yet? Shown in photo, see photo. The mod BT advanced 3062 is recent, and features a lot of advanced makes of mechs and tanks, but it has the original campaign map and does not add any clan stuff even though it dates to after the clan invasion. June 14, 2019