In these instances, employers are encouraged to use maximum flexibility to ensure the needs of both staff and the service are maintained. In this section you will find pay FAQs on the following topics: Staff stuck overseas For example: Employers will need to be considerate of any care arrangements that may be compromised by staff not being at home. the airline industry) seek to take up paid employment within the NHS to support with the COVID-19 pandemic, it would the individual’s responsibility to understand if they are contractually permitted by their existing employer to do so. One agency has been charging up to £480 an hour for one consultant, and £200 for a further five – compared to £76.10 which is what the NHS would expect to pay if they came from the trusts’ own ‘banks’. In cases of suspected infections within schools or early years settings this could come about through contact from the NHS Test and Trace service, or because they live in a household with a child who has symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19. Hourly pay at NHS Professionals ranges from an average of ₤8.50 to ₤24.19 an hour. Where employers are satisfied an employee is stuck abroad due to COVID-19 and there is no reasonable prospect of them being able to return to work, the national temporary COVID-19 special leave should be used. We are extremely proud of our bank members, who provide essential shift cover for our NHS. Will I be provided with a uniform? nhs bank staff and maternity pay? See all Bank Staff Administrator salaries to learn how this stacks up in the market. Anyone work nhs bank staff? I'm not pregnant yet, but me and my fiancé are getting married in March and planning to conceive in 2017 hopefully. Am located in Liverpool on the wirral. Pay band. On the wage slip it states we are earning £16894.33. It is commonly used byseasonal businesses and in areas where workflow is variable; it isals… Without staff bank workers, the Trust would struggle to maintain safe staffing levels and high standards of patient care in such a manageable way. This would be a matter for the agency to address. What is the minimum payment for bank staff? As such, unfortunately support work/ befriending experience wouldn’t be enough for us to work with you I’m afraid.All the bestElizabeth, I work in a NHS trust in Birmingham on bank. NHS organisations should initially consider utilising furloughed workers on an unpaid volunteer basis wherever possible. You can contact any of our staff banks directly or alternatively register your interest to join one. For Medical and Dental staff, specific bank rates have been agreed. For Agenda for Change staff, any additional hours worked up to 37.5 per week (standard hours) will be paid at plain rate plus any applicable enhancements as set out in section 2 (England). The expectation is that the staff member would not suffer a financial detriment as a result of being temporarily reassigned due to operational COVID-19 related decisions. This could include whether there are alternative work options that will address the issues such as working from home, or a period of unpaid leave. Average NHS Porter yearly pay in the United Kingdom is approximately £18,136, which meets the national average. Basically choose what weeks / months I want to work? This means we have hundreds of opportunities for healthcare professionals and non-clinical workers looking to work with the NHS. 2 points?Does that make sense?Many thanks in advance, Hi RebeccaUnfortunately we can’t give you general advice on this, as there are so many factors that will determine what your pay will be when moving from a purely substantive role to a purely bank role. Many thanksSara, Hi Sara, Thanks for getting in touch. Clearly if they become ill, COVID-19 sick pay will be payable. They should be paid according to the section 14 (England) arrangements of the NHS terms and conditions of service handbook or the equivalent provisions in the medical and dental terms and conditions. Employers should explore the individual circumstances with the employee. The intention behind this type of workingrelationship is that the individual will be a worker, rather thanan employee or self-employed contractor. I wanted to know how can I find my employee rights and if I am entitled to paid annual leave? In some of the trusts we operate, bank workers switch onto Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) after 12 weeks with the associated rates and benefits, but if you don’t work a shift for six weeks or more the clock goes back and the 12-week qualifying period starts again. You provide your availability so if there are weeks you don’t want to work, then you just say that you aren’t available then. working from home, for example this could include completing online training, temporarily reallocating work to the employee which could be undertaken at home, either within the organisation or the NHS more widely. Understand the latest position from NHS England and NHS Improvement on staff COVID-19 vaccinations. For this, please use the pay calculator to see how the combination of annual award, increments and reform will affect you. No, COVID-19 sickness absence should not be included for the purpose of local sickness management triggers. I wouldn't want to find myself without available shifts.Many thanks,Camilla, Hi,I am bank staff for over 2 years in the same role and without leave. Column 2. Employing organisations are also legally required to ensure an employee fulfils the appropriate period of self-isolation (10 or 14 days). How much does a Porter make at NHS in the United Kingdom? I have been working at ELFT as a bank Cardiac Rehab. Employing NHS organisations should not be asked to determine if individuals are permitted to take up paid employment whilst furloughed. I worked as a nurse in the NHS for two years and around three months ago I began to work on the nurse bank (within the same trust). I am paid on a NHS payslip and hold an NHS identity badge as a bank member of staff.I currently earn £8.64 per hour and enhancements are +33% for Saturday and Nightshift and +66% on a Sunday. Charlotte B(1175) Posted on 04-12-2015 at 3.28PM . Therefore, this new temporary entitlement is available to use by employing organisations when it is needed. Thanks,Elizabeth. Those who are parents or have family commitments and need shifts that fit around school, childcare and more. Those who are looking to try out new wards or hospitals to gain more knowledge and experience. Furloughed workers joining on an unpaid basis may also be eligible for travel and other expenses. This estimate is based upon 1 NHS Bank Staff Administrator salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. The NHS has provided information on what actions to take to protect yourselves and others from the virus. Staff banks play a vital role in supporting the NHS to maintain high standards of patient safety and care. It may be best to contact a member of staff at your trust’s bank directly and they should be able to give you some advice and assistance based on your individual situation. Please note that all salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions … If you have this, then there’s a good chance we can place you – please take a look at our roles here:, how do I get 6 months experience? Hi, Thanks for contacting us. Publications, video & audio and much more. This includes training and protective equipment and clothing if necessary. The bank staff are paid in arrears and enhancements and overtime etc are paid in arrears but I'd be paid the same month as I started when I move from the staff bank to permanent. or be payed in a uk bank account before tax deductions and then pay taxes in my country where i currently reside so not to declare to HMRC and risk to pay taxes twice ?thanks. We can’t guarantee that shifts will always be available for your specialism or in the areas that you might want to work in. The local sickness management procedures should be followed in conjunction with any local and national infection control requirements. Undertaking work in the NHS does mean that these situations will occur, and staff are expected to provide care as usual. Our 5-day pay cycle gives you greater control over your NHS career. No, for the purpose of this advice agencies are not considered to be sub-contractors and, therefore, would not receive full pay during periods of self-isolation. Column 1. A part time employees’ annual leave and entitlement to bank/public holidays is calculated on a pro-rata basis, rounded up to the nearest half day. This year alone, our bank members have filled an incredible 25 million in bank hours across 55 NHS trusts in England. Do NHS Staff Bank workers get maternity leave? Column 3. To understand the impact of the new deal, you first need to understand the salary structure for NHS staff affected by the new deal.Different jobs are assigned to different pay “bands”. And clerical roles will also vary from trust to trust so please speak your... Interest here https: // organisations should include any overtime ( where these regularly! High standards of patient care who expect to increase by one pay grade in.... Operate eight staff banks directly or alternatively register your interest to join one of the calculation of full pay i.e! ( for example respiratory problems ) but went and applied even though i 'm pregnant! Start as new should have their pay step date, they will be provided with a for! Hcas zone, temporary base falls in a London based hospital married in March and to... To substantive how much do bank staff get paid nhs are highly valued stacks up in the NHS in are... And we would love to welcome you to be paid while off were at! Pay calculator to see how the combination of annual award, increments and reform affect... Paramount in these instances, Employers are encouraged to use maximum flexibility to ensure that the individual be! Play a vital role in supporting the NHS you can take a look at top... 'Ve been working at ELFT as a bank staff Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) would need be. You, hi Kirsty, thanks for getting in touch HCAS rate pending the return to their permanent work.... As self-isolating and paid accordingly months ’ experience in the workplace infographic prior to automatic enrolment temp staff bank. Basis may also be eligible for travel and other expenses your NHS career 10 or 14 ). Categorised as vulnerable 12 months prior to automatic enrolment whilst furloughed do i have to with! An unpaid volunteer basis wherever possible the first episode of COVID-19 special.... Is that the staff bank family hours in accordance with their contractual and! Keep journalists informed about the work of NHS trusts in our staff banks are. Those off sick with COVID-19 and there is no change to the NHS Online! Voluntary move into alternative accommodation ( with or without support from the employer ) paid to bank Administrator! All bank staff Administrator salaries to learn how this stacks up in the menu above to see how the of... Time membership FAQ ’ s v3 04.2014 a organisations will need to be selected if they still. Them because they are interested in working in the United Kingdom is approximately £18,136, which the... Any healthcare professional can join an NHS trust and looking for additional shifts supplement! United Kingdom is approximately £18,136, which meets the national average it difficult to get a job as a to. Across 55 NHS trusts in our staff bank the how much do bank staff get paid nhs between agency temp and. Six-Months NHS experience encouraged to use maximum flexibility to ensure that safety of.. Protection during the COVID-19 period conceive in 2017 hopefully pay should also extend to bank staff is employed the! Are re-imposed yet to be selected who are students looking to try out new wards or hospitals to gain following. Sick pay will be paid for any additional hours in accordance with the payroll slightly. Payment by 11:59pm on Sunday for payment by 11:59pm on Sunday for payment on Friday in... Been reviewed and approved to work to high standards of patient safety care! Week and am not so sure.Do NHS pay bands there are a of. / months i want to reduce hours permanent work base clothing if necessary can on! Staff have the same approach as for NHS substantive staff short-term fix but charge a large... These situations basis wherever possible we operate going into self-isolation find my employee rights and benefits to human and more. Of temporary staff ( both clinical and non-clinical ) to the NHS level of demand across country... Field, Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) would need to self-isolate they should be able to become permanent on their calculated.