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Do you have a fly over carry-on baggage moving problem? Students’ baggage, personal baggage delivery (unaccompanied baggage), immigrants move furniture transnational transport, door to door (Door to Door) train service. Student luggage, luggage expatriates, overseas work moving, international migrants moving, moving household items such as: books, clothing, piano, kitchen utensils, electrical appliances, furniture, antiques, porcelain, artwork, personal luggage or large furniture and other items. The Company can provide advance your empty cardboard boxes, allowing you to place clothing, books and personal items, and for furniture, sofas and piano wardrobe, do sophisticated packaging and custom wooden packaging (including automobile and motorcycle Middle import and export), to arrange flight schedules, carried to the destination country, our foreign agents who will handle your local import declaration delivery, and arrange a time line will transport the goods to a specified destination address. In the United States, China and Taiwan with a fixed transit warehouse, convenient use as a temporary store luggage, you can wait for a new home is ready, then the baggage to the new residence.

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